About Us

Who We Are

STATE 55 is a people’s movement in Africa, with diaspora chapters across the globe. We foster unity among the people of Africa and those of African descent in order to secure a humane place for all. Our strength is essentially in the numbers that join hands to and solutions to the challenges we face as Africans. Our expansive rally of the African masses is to frog-leap from the African Union to a people driven United African State that is independent and inwardly poised.

Why We Exist

Without a stable, strong and prosperous Africa which is at peace with herself and free from corruption and underhand methods, the African people cannot just hope to and dignity and due regard in the global community. Our fate is intertwined with the fate of every African beyond the shores of Africa; thus, the need to act together. State 55 is a uniting force that brings African people together, in order for them to choose, by themselves, a path to prosperity for Africans.

Never in our history have the ordinary African masses united, across the entire continent, with one voice, to claim their place on the world’s map. We understand that Unity is our only way out of misery, poverty, wars, humiliation, social degradation and the destitution of our people.