About Us

State 55 is Afrika’s premier people’s pan-afrikanist movement operating for a full liberation of Afrika by means of complete integration, decolonisation, and the claim for reparations in respect to economic plunder, racial segregation, colonialism and slavery.

Our Social Justice space promotes racial, cultural, social and economic and political harmony among people’s of the world. Further, we champion climate change and fair trade and migration resolutions to foster sustainable development for all.

State 55, therefore operates under a three-pronged strategy as follows:

1. By Social Action we mean civil engagement including advocacy, lobbying and sensitization of the masses to take action in the broad human and civil rights movement for social justice.

Secondly, to attend to immediate objectives that address climate change, promote fair trade, resolve migration issues, peace building, promote cultural harmony and good governance.

2. By Economic Freedom, we mean creating investment portfolios leveraged on crowdfunding and mass participation through the internal stock exchange initiative of State 55—by a special purposes vehicle (S55 group).

The group constructs and offers a range of investment opportunities to Afrikan investors who are members of State 55.

3. By Total Political Independence we mean forming coalitions with existing political players to preach and evangelize for Afrikan unity from the political front and where necessary support the construction of a political party as a special purposes vehicle to directly participate in policy shifts and law reform in favour of a total political independence of Afrika thereby making unity a popular political agenda among political actors.